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Hi I'm Nick. Welcome to biotechnorati. I've been a biochemist & biologist for over 20 years. I've researched into a wide variety of biological subjects: membrane proteins, nutrient transport, biotechnology, muscle growth, venoms & proteomics.

On this Blog, I try to cover a broad range of subjects across biology: writing about my work and thoughts-in-progress, along with some pics and bits & bobs that interest me.

I want to gather some of my published (and some unpublished) work in one place. This gives me the chance to offer explanations for some of this work; the reasons behind it and the corollaries that arise from it. To put it in context.

Many scientific productions and publications are collaborative ventures. I always try to acknowledge contributors & collaborators, but if I neglect any of you, then please point it out and I'll try to correct any mistakes.

Most importantly, I want to make available (in an informal way) some notes developing my thinking for current and future projects. It is only by writing it down that I find out what I am thinking. I would value positive comments and feedback. I hope this exchange can be constructive.

Some people may not agree with me. That’s OK. Interesting, intelligent comments will, of course, be most welcome. Any unpleasant comments will be removed.

Blogging is less formal than writing for peer-reviewed journals. Nevertheless, I will try my best to get all the facts straight, but I reserve the right to find out new things or change my point of view later on. After all, I hope to continue learning and developing.

I hope this Blog will be of interest to you. Please enjoy.